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There are some days I actually contemplate having another child just so that he/she could experience what my other two did as a result of attending SCTCC. The knowledge we gained as parents is as valuable as the skills the little ones gain. Magical on every level.

Pam Anderson

An unparalleled level of care for your most precious beings. I wish we could have kept our daughter here for the entirety of her schooling. We witnessed such a high level of thought and kindness put into everything that staff did with our daughter. This helped us feel at peace while we both worked full time jobs.

Jeremy Lansing

The teachers and staff show up everyday, never having a bad day, always being unconditionally available to both the children and their parents, to do some of the most challenging and important work in the world. The Toddler Center is a program that provides a foundation for life.

Shelly Grabe

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