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COVID-19 Mitigation Policy


We take the mitigation of illness and any potential COVID transmission at the Toddler Center with the utmost of seriousness. Our health and mitigation guidelines may be more strict than those of other centers, or even as recommended by your doctor or the government health agencies, and are subject to change.

In terms of COVID and any other pandemic related practices, the Santa Cruz Toddler Care Center meets or exceeds all guidelines set forth by State Licensing, the CDPH, and OSHA, as well as the recommendations set forth by CDC and our County Health Department.  These practices are subject to change and evolve depending on the virus presence in our community. 


Outdoor Classroom and Maximizing Ventilation

Being outdoors is one of the very best ways to mitigate the risk of airborne viruses such as Covid-19.  We spend all of our play time together in our outdoor classroom, and eat all of our meals in one of our covered outdoor patios. We have multiple shade structures with our largest one heated for colder days. 

Our indoor/outdoor naproom is extremely well ventilated, with two sliding glass doors and two large windows that will remain open at all times.  Diapers are changed either in our outdoor, covered “Diaper Pergola”, or in our diaper room off the garden yard with a door and very large window that will remain open at all times.  We use CO2 monitors to ensure that the ventilation is good in both rooms, and air filters are also employed at all times.


Mask Wearing

The Toddler Center will consider current data regarding Covid transmission, including county wastewater data to determine whether or not we require mask wearing at the Center.

When there is no public health or center wide mask mandate in place, our staff and children over two may opt to wear masks at their discretion.  Other adults in the environment, including parents, will be asked to wear masks when community Covid numbers warrant, and/or at our discretion.  


Children over two years of age will be encouraged to wear masks when mandated by public health agencies or our organization.  Early on, we were surprised to see how well our two year olds adapted to mask wearing.  Of course this involved lots of developmentally appropriate practice, and was a gradual process for some.  We fully respect the varying levels in which different children are able to participate in mask wearing and will support and encourage their learning and participation in this process.


All of our staff are up to date as per the CDC with their COVID-19 vaccinations.  All children and household family members of the enrolled child must also be up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations as per CDC guidelines.

Surveillance Testing

All staff undergo regular surveillance testing.  We have an onsite CUE Health testing system which offers rapid PCR quality tests for all of our employees, as well as children and families when available.  

Hand Washing

All children and staff will wash their hands at a minimum each day: upon arrival each morning, before and after breakfast and lunch, after every diaper change, and upon leaving the center.

Please see the following page regarding the specifics of our current Covid-19 Health and Exposure Guidelines.  These guidelines will help you to navigate our specific protocols regarding symptoms, exposure, travel, and testing.

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