Santa Cruz Toddler Care Center 


The Toddler Center is now

pioneering outdoor education

for one and two year olds!

Come and join our part time program on our

beautifully remodeled, re-landscaped,

and extremely toddler-friendly

Outdoor Campus!

Here's some basic info about our program:


Schedule:      8:30 - 1:00 pm, Monday - Friday

Food:       Two organic vegetarian meals cooked onsite daily. 

Ages:       18 - 36 months.  (Must be able to reliably nap at home in the afternoon after pick up.)

Site:          Two large, developmentally appropriate yards with:

  • a toddler friendly garden,

  • multiple climbing structures,

  • heated, covered patio,

  • huge sandbox,

  • bike track,

  • cozy corners,

  • and multiple shade/rain structures.










Interested?  Get on our waiting list ASAP

Our program is very small, and space is limited. 

Click here for more information and feel free to email Program Director,

Nora Caruso with any questions you may have!


The safety and health of your children and our staff

are of the utmost importance to us...

Toddlers can't socially distance, but they thrive outdoors!


The Toddler Care Center was established as a non-profit in 1976 by two working women who were concerned about the lack of quality care for very young children.


The first of its kind in the Western States, the Toddler Care Center

bases its philosophy and methods on the model of the

Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE) program founded by Magda Gerber.


Educators and administrators from as far as New Zealand and Japan

have visited the Toddler Care Center; it is described as a

model program for childcare by professionals in the field.

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